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SPEARFISHING ADVENTURES is an initiative of Andrea De Camilli, aimed at developing the practice of ethical and sustainable freediving spearfishing, conducted in remote locations, in open water and targeting big game fish.

During the last years SPEARFISHING ADVENTURES has established itself worldwide as the number one provider of breathtaking adventures. These adventures take place in the most desireable hot spots of the planet, thus attracting the attentions of the most important names of this extreme sport.

A wide network made of collaborators, such as Charles Slattery who is actively working in our team, and partners like Daryl Wong, Colin Chester and Eric Allard, makes SPEARFISHING ADVENTURES better and unique.

SPEARFISHING ADVENTURES is, simply, the meeting point for many enthusiastic spearos who regularly undertake spearfishing trips or for anyone who wants to test themself with an “out of the ordinary” spearfishing trip.

These people will answer the question "One big fish or a big bag of fish?” ... "One Fish"!

Andrea De Camilli - CEO - Manager of World Wide Spearfishing Adventures LLC

"After years of research and exploring the oceans I decided to make the experience and expertise gained available by creating SPEARFISHING ADVENTURES. A point of reference for many people like me suffering from this seemingly incurable "disase".  Blue Water Fever!"

SPEARFISHING ADVENTURES was born in 2010 with the aim of organizing out of the ordinary spearfishing trips.

The adventure begins in the "modest" Mediterranean sea, in Liguria and Sardinia, before moving to Corsica and Croatia. During these early adventures we went knocking on the doors of some of the most important experts and champions of this sport, providing the opportunity to the participants to get in touch with them and so broaden their experience.

The thirst for adventure and dreams of “impossible” fish soon took us out of the Mediterranean in search of Yellowfin Tuna, Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo, Spanish Mackerel, Sailfish, Marlin, Giant Trevally and other big game fish.

Traveling thousands of kilometers, immersed in other cultures to discover the final destination, potentially untouched. This sense of adventure and the desire to live unique experiences, together with the aim to capture that "One Fish" that seriously matters, drove us from Indonesia to Costa Rica, from Hawaii to Thailand, from Sri Lanka to Madagascar and from Florida to Australia!

In the Atlantic Ocean we have successfully conducted several trips in the Azores islands and the Cape Verde Archipelago, exploring their most isolated, remote and pristine corners.

In 2011 we were some of the first to set foot on Ascension Island, a paradise for every spearo, totally pristine and unknown. Untouched and untouchable since its origin, this island has subsequently proved to the world to be the true "Jurassic Park" of the Atlantic Ocean, generating in few years more giant Yellowfin Tuna than any other place on the earth. Since then this remote military outpost has been in first place on our list of regular destinations.

We have recently discovered spots in the boundless Indo-Pacific Ocean, between the Maluku region and Papua, where encounters with sea snakes and “monsters from the past” are common.

SPEARFISHING ADVENTURES today continues on the path of research and discovery, growing larger, establishing through a network of companies, partners and friends a meeting point for all extreme freedivng spearfishing lovers!

Andrea De Camilli with a big Dogtooth Tuna shot in Indonesia
Chi Siamo