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Ascension Island 2015

This amazing video is the result of two trips to Ascension Island, organized in 2015 by SPEARFISHING ADVENTURES in collaboration with DEEP BLUE. The genius behind the editing is Antonio Ghiringhelli, a.k.a. Tony's Power. A special thanks goes to Majd, Amer, Sébastien, Martin and Rémi who boarded these epic adventures.

Ascension Island 2011

This video is an abstract of our first trip to Ascension Island, we have been the first company pioneering spearfishing on this isolated volcanic island, and these are some fotages of our first trips when sardine chum was not yet available and tunas had to be targetted in their path while hunting for their natural and local bait fish, black trigger fish.

Wahoo action

Soon available… Stay Tuned!